SGB Beta, founded in 2003 in Belgrade, has, in the last 20 years, been known for its precise and reliable work with modern equipment in the field of:

-Mechanical construction and centering of machine equipment: mills, turbines, extruders and others. This is evidenced by our successful work on more than 80 projects at the sites of thermal power plants TENT A, TENT B, TE Kostolac, NIS Refinery as well as many others.

-Cadastral surveying and object legalization as well as reparcelation projects. As can be seen within more than 2000 finished projects. Our services have been hired by both individuals, as well as large companies, such as: Metro, Meridian Balkans, Singidunum, Eurosalon realestate and others.

-Surveying in all fields of construction: high-rise construction, low-rise construction, monitoring of construction of over 50 residential and infrastructure objects.

Reliability and responsibility at work are the trademark of our company.