High precision surveying in mechanical engineering

You could say that this field of work is our speciality.

A large number of constructed machine structures, adjusted roto-equipment, pumps, turbines, mill equipment, tanks, boilers, refinery furnaces, absorber crane tracks, participation in the construction of the stacker in PK Drmno, give us the right to say that we are the leading geodetic surveying company in Serbia, in the field of high-precision measurements. For all of this, we are grateful to the leading mechanical engineering companies, Feromont doo, Mont-r doo, Emmi…, as well as their workers and engineers, with whom we have established long-term cooperation and who always have confidence in the expertise and quality of our company’s work. Some of these ventures of our firm are truly worthy of the Discovery channel, and we are proud of completing them. Please check our gallery.

Cadastral surveying

In the field of cadastral surveying we offer the services of:

– Object legalization, preparation of surveying work reports.

– Marking and renewal of plot boundaries.

– Plot division and merging

– Projects of plot subdivision

– House number acquisition

– Obtaining a copy of the plan and real estate folio

– Object and line registration in the line Cadastre

In the 20 years of our work we have done more than 2500 successfully resolved projects.

Urban planning surveying

Surveying works in this area are currently in demand both because of the large number of co-owned plots and in the construction of high-rise and low-rise buildings.

In this area we offer the following services:

– Creation of cadastral-topographic plans of the project surface.

– Reparcellation, division of plots – surveying marking projects

– Plot division reports preparation for the cadaster (if you want to be a 1/1 plot owner).

We have experience in working on over 500 formed construction parcels.

We are proud of our work in the reparcelation of Rasadnik Krnjača, the formation of a complex of over 100 plots with one project, the goal of which was the final opening of the Metro Cash&Carry store, the Porsche branch office as well as the urbanization of this part of the city. We are also proud of our other works of reparcelation for all other Metro locations, the Singidunum Dobanovci project whose size was more than 300ha.

Projekte na našim kt-planovima radila je i čuvena arhitekta Zaha Hadid – Projekat koji nažalost nije odrađen, a bio bi zasigurno atrakcija ovog dela Evrope.

Geodetic engineering in high-rise and low-rise construction

In this field, SGB Beta has notable results in monitoring the construction of various objects.

Projects our company worked on, and thanks to the precise work of our surveyors finished, are some of the most beautiful in the city: Panorama Dedinje estate, Baja Pivljanin estate, Dexico Tošin Bunar building, as well as many residential buildings and houses. Among the surveying works needed for every object, our company offers our services in:

-Object placement – Regulation protocol

-Calculation of the cubic capacity of embankment excavation

-Foundation control report for CEOP

-Monitoring and marking of project axes and elevations

-Construction height control for CEOP

-Plan of underground installations, water, electricity and sewerage grids for CEOP

-Monitoring the construction of neighboring buildings for CEOP

-Plans of object interior and exterior for entry into the cadaster, and full report for CEOP

In the field of low-rise construction, we have experience working in road marking, profile marking, construction monitoring, creating the plans of derived state of the construction.